Best Mini Netbook Vs Laptop

Mini laptops according to studies now form almost 30% of laptops sold in the market. That is a good number considering the different types of laptops sold. There is no doubt the mini laptops are gaining popularity.

The conventional laptop has a screen size ranging from 13 to 20 inches. These laptops are also quite heavy with each one weighing about 1.5 to 2 kilograms. It becomes difficult for a user to carry it around with them. Most full size laptops have replaced desktops however you see very few of them being used outdoors anymore unless you don’t mind laptop holder for desk.

Best mini laptop is smaller and lighter. The perfectly fit the needs of users who wish for a laptop they can carry around in their hand like they would carry a notebook. Consumers have been using these mini laptops in classrooms, homes and parks.

With so many mini laptops available in the market I bet some of you want to have the best mini laptop available. So I present to you the best mini laptop I have come across and many people who have had the opportunity to get their hand on one will agree.

Apple MacBook Air 11 and 13 – This mini laptop is less than an inch thin, this is incredibly thin when it comes to a laptop and just because it is thin does not mean it is delicate and snap in two. The MacBook body uses a unibody design both for the chassis and the screen which means there are less parts and this makes it light too.

One more aspect that reduces the weight of this laptop is the absence of a hard drive. But how would a laptop function without a storage device you would ask and an external hard drive would surely be a real hassle. The MacBook comes with 128 GB of flash storage the same type of storage used in your USB thumb drives. It is essentially chips that store data, while the rest of the computer industry is just beginning to use solid state drives. Apple has leapt forward and integrated flash memory chips in the chipset which helps in making the laptop light weight and slim.

It features a camera just above the screen which is smaller than the one used on the iPhone. Though it may be small it features a full size back lit keyboard. Which means you can type in low light conditions too. The MacBook air runs on the latest i5 and i7 Intel core processors.

The MacBook has these and many more ground breaking features that make it the best mini laptop that money can buy.