Tips On Maintaining A Healthy Life

Already reached the stage where you have the desired body shape with weight as expected? It seems you do not want a lot of extra weight that occurs there is no loss or gain more muscle fat. Do not be quickly satisfied, and immediately discontinue your training period. Here are some tips on maintaining a healthy life is practical to begin to reheat fitness machines that have been stalled. Also read more articles for breast augmentation.

Set reasonable goals and expectations. This may seem obvious, but not for everyone. For women, you can not get a flat stomach in the early months after birth and for men, drink for 10 years will not get you the six-pack stomach fast.

Make note of progress so you know exactly when you start to lose weight, increase muscle size or even a reduction in waist size begins.

Use a scale that is feasible with the ability to measure body fat. So you can really tell how much progress you while losing fat and building muscle. Use electronic scales that show weight plus fat mass. If it is difficult, try to go to the gym, health club, medical institutions or public places that provide such services.

Consider your diet and nutrition. Keep carbohydrates and saturated fats from your menu list! Keep these words in your heart, “I want no more than 25 percent total fat, and no-fat cakes, sugar, cola, biscuits, cakes, candy and other junk like that. I want to get rid of it, period! “For those who want to gain weight, keep in mind this sentence,” I want low-fat protein, especially meat, poultry, nonfat milk, fish such as tuna and salmon, nuts and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables . “

Contents and muscle overload. To build muscle and lose fat you need to overload the muscles with enough muscle to stimulated growth. This means training all muscle groups at least two or three times a week.

Eat and drink according to your workout. Adjusting meal times with the intensity and duration of exercise is one of the most important aspects of each exercise, including weight training:

Drink about 20 grams of protein such as skim milk.

Drinking sports drinks with carbohydrates if you are exercising for more than an hour with high intensity.

Within 30 minutes of solid exercise, eat or drink 20 grams of protein with at least the same amount of carbohydrates or more if you exercise with a longer duration and intensity, including cardio.

Do not skimp on the carbs if you train hard for 4 days or more each week. Your muscles need protein to protect you from damage and to replace glycogen stores.

Rest and recovery. Every 4 to 6 weeks, use a lighter week to practice where you do about half of your normal training, or full training with half the intensity. This can make the body can charge itself and build stronger muscles.

Do cardio. Several bodybuilders and weight trainers live in fear that aerobic exercise will delay or even inhibit muscle growth. Aerobic exercise is good for your health, it can burn calories and fat and can even assist in muscle growth. Doing so for less than 50 minutes on low to moderate intensity, it will not cause problems for muscle growth. In fact, a good cardio session can help remove the muscles of glycogen (glucose), rebuilding the network with new growth factors, proteins and glucose.

Try to change the intensity. If you do not get any further after many months, try to change. The body responds to variations in intensity and programs. If the formation of muscle and fitness is your goal and you feel a little bored, try switching from 3 to 4 sets of 12 reps sets for 8 reps, or try to set the pyramid where you change the weight and reps up or down for each set

Foxes during training. The success of this one is not guaranteed, but worth a try. Bio-rhythm can be different for each person and this can affect how you practice and results. For example, cortisol, a hormone natural muscle, the highest in the morning for most people. These patterns can vary from person to person, so maybe you can get better results than discover when training is best for you in the morning or late afternoon.

Plenty of rest, relaxation and sleep and did not practice with moderation. Again, this may not sound critical but stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol could be disastrous for the development of muscle and fat loss. Stress produces catabolic or suppress the body’s inner muscles that lead to degradation, in some cases fat accumulation, and susceptibility to infection. Over training can create an internal environment the same. Rest and continue to grow strong.