UltraSurf Increases Users Anonyminity

What does this all mean for IP Vanish users? The first and foremost is, of course, a better, more secure way to protect your online anonymity via VPN. With a total of 3500 IPs over the globe, protecting your online identity has never been easier. Now, as you automatically switch from one IP to another, you can easily set your online location to basically any country of the world.

With the addition of new securely protected servers in Hungary, Lithuania, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Argentina, Panama, Bulgaria and Luxembourg, IP Vanish can offer its users even a better, more secure way to protect their web browsing and file sharing. filehippo ultrasurf To remind you, IP Vanish allows an option of automatically changing your IP address in a fixed time interval. It is up to you to set your interval as you like it – you can even change your IP every minute.

The addition of new servers means even more IP address in the common pool, which, in its turn, means that your anonymity is protected even more securely than before. With this recent addition of new IP addresses, your real location (that is, your real IP) is simply impossible to figure out.

In addition, you can set your IP address manually. For example, if you would like to use Internet for streaming and watching TV shows, the list of countries to choose from keeps growing every day! The service is available for a highly reasonable price, so if you are looking for a perfect balance of security and moderate budget, IP Vanish will prove to your liking!